ReleaseTEAM: Configuring the Software Development Lifecycle

Shawn Doyle, CEO
With increasing number of IT resources and heterogeneous networks, CIOs face several difficulties in configuring devices and reducing downtime. In order to successfully carryout software development projects, software vendors are in search of sound configuration management processes that seamlessly integrate disparate systems. Westminster, CO based ReleaseTEAM is a consulting company specialized in DevOps and software configuration management, catering to software providers allowing them to deliver uninterrupted services to end-users. Ensuring a key balance between software configuration management and transparency within an organization, ReleaseTEAM addresses the technical issues around the software development life cycle. ReleaseTEAM’s consultants are skilled in developing customized plans, defining and implementing policies and procedures, as well as configuring tools to ensure best-in-class performance of a client’s software development environment.

Founded by Shawn Doyle, ReleaseTEAM is committed to leverage computer software tools that support software configuration management. ReleaseTEAM’s consultants are experts in OpenSource products like Git and Jenkins, providing able assistance to fix, and identify problems that arise in managing organizational and operational assets. Software configuration management or defect tracking requires a measurable and repeatable process. The company’s long-standing partnerships with Atlassian, IBM, HP, Perforce, SmartBear, CollabNet and WANdisco combined with 15 years of experience and knowledge in the engineering discipline of software configuration management offers just that. ReleaseTEAM allows clients to find a solution that best suits their environment, improves their software development process and integration while also enhancing performance and productivity.

With several years of extensive experience and having resolved challenges faced by CIOs across industries, ReleaseTEAM observed that build management and release management functions of a software organization can be two of the biggest obstacles to complete a project on time. To this end, the company ensures that its clients reduce the amount of time taken to compile and build a system or product into an installable software product with effective release management processes.

Our consultants are available round the clock to tackle your configuration management issues

Supplementing the technical assistance, ReleaseTEAM has a support hotline with highly skilled Atlassian, IBM, Perforce, HP or other tool administrators, to quickly responds to the queries when needed. Each support package delivered by the company starts with an audit of the clients’ environment—ReleaseTEAM’s support personnel understand a customer’s installation to better and resolve issues in a timely manner as well as proactively identify problems and areas of concern. The company further provides solutions and services in the area of workspace management and change or defect management, integrations of different technologies, performance improvement and development of customized tools.

Breaking down the barriers between departments, ReleaseTEAM’s solutions also integrate different departments and improve communications, providing managers with better information to make effective business decisions. Highlighting that the term ‘TEAM’ in ReleaseTEAM has been coined to define a network of release engineering professionals, who swiftly carry forth a client’s configuration processes, Doyle says, “Our consultants are available round the clock to tackle your configuration management issues.” As a consulting company, ReleaseTEAM employs the best software configuration management build engineers and release engineering consultants.

Spanning an extensive clientele that includes Ericsson, Ploycom, Toyota, Payless, and US Bank among others, ReleaseTEAM is determined to further explore ways in which configuration management is simplified for its clients. ReleaseTEAM’s plans for the future include a steady growth in customers and support staff, continued enhancements of existing solutions as well as launching new services that meet and surpass customer expectations.


Denver, CO

Shawn Doyle, CEO

Provides custom, state-of-the-art technology Software Configuration Management solutions.