20 Most Promising Configuration Management Solution Providers 2017

20 Most Promising Configuration Management Solution Providers 2017

With projects becoming increasingly complex and the companies looking for high levels of agility, Configuration Management (CM) has become more significant than ever. In order to leverage various benefits of the CM process, enterprises across industries are moving toward automating them by integrating advanced CM tools for project management. This integration is an easier way of altering configurations, without compromising on the core objectives of the project. The idempotent nature of CM tools coupled with the CM databases embedded in them, has simplified the process of both changing and tracking of configuration items for impact analyses.

Today’s CM tools have driven competition with open source and enterprise versions hitting the market. On the other hand, with myriad prebuilt configurations and features, enterprises have taken CM to the new level. CM in cloud helps in synthesizing product configurations, without compromising on security. It keeps companies from incurring costs and IT secure.

Companies are today looking for advanced CM tools that would help them to build a framework for greater information management with well-ordered systems in place, keep them up to date. In order to assist them in the process, a distinguished panel, comprising of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board, has reviewed companies with a proven record of expertise in helping enterprises with high-end CM solutions. The panel has weighed the ease of use, cost of deployment, and the ability to scale with next generation technology, above all else, while choosing the finalists.

We present to you the 20 Most Promising Configuration Management Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

Addteq Provides DevOps solutions with tools built in to improve organization and alignment of the internal team with the best practices
Ansible Ansible is an automation engine that makes systems and applications simple to deploy
Aras Corporation Aras offers the next-generation of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for global businesses with complex products and processes
CHEF Provides an automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Chef enables its users to automate how they build, deploy, and manage their infrastructure.
CMStat Global supplier of COTS Hardware CM, PDM & CDRL Management solutions to the Aerospace & Defense Industry providing support for all phases of the Life Cycle
Config-Tracker Offers continuous control monitoring solution that provides enterprises with complete controls framework for identifying misuses and errors
Effectual Systems Group, Inc. Specialized in high performance configuration management solutions to meet the needs of all HPE UCMDB and IT Operations Management customers
Evolven Provider of IT Operation Analytics (ITOA) solution that delivers unparalleled IT operations insights
Interlink Software Interlink Software delivers IT operations analytics dashboard platform to some of the largest IT organisations
Logicworks Developing configuration management to help DevOps maintain a single source of consistent, documented system configuration
McCabe Software Provides software quality management and software change & configuration management solutions
Pilgrim Quality Solutions Offers quality management software to help enterprises deliver, track and oversee quality-related activities
PM America Providing full-fledged IT consulting services to help federal agencies reap the full benefits of effective project and risk management and compliance
PuzzleLogic Provides configuration management solution which helps companies meet the growing IT operational needs in the digital enterprise space
RedLock Provides a security platform that enables enterprises to visualize, monitor, and investigate risks across cloud infrastructure
SaltStack Makes systems and configuration management software for the orchestration and automation of CloudOps, ITOps and DevOps at scale
Seapine Software Provides application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions that help companies manage the process of developing high quality complex products
Serena Software Serena helps the highly regulated large enterprise move fast without breaking things – increasing velocity of the software development lifecycle while enhancing security, compliance, and performance
SolarWinds Provides purpose-built products that are designed to make jobs easier for IT professionals, MSPs, and DevOps pros
TDi Technologies Provides IT security and operations solutions to help customers reduce operating costs, meet compliance requirements, and improve service delivery